Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eugenics at its finest

By far the most interesting chapter to me in Freakonomics, is the chapter on abortion. Abortion, no matter how you stand on it religously or politically is eugenics at its finest. I am a strong believer that a childs future success, well being, and integrity have a lot to do with how the child is raised. With that being said, the ideal parent for raising a successful child with a high self esteem, are parents that really want a child, want to start a family, have thought about all the obligations of having a child, and then intentionally get pregnant then raise their kid. On that same note, the people who wouldn't be the ideal parents are the people who got black out drunk at a party and forgot to use a condom, people who are not going to stay together after the woman gets pregnant, and people who have not thought about all the obligations a child entails and are not financially prepared to bring such an expensive thing into this world (a child).

What does abortion do? Abortion allows many of the would be parents who are not the "ideal parents" get rid of their baby, before it becomes a baby. Abortion leaves a higher percentage of "ideal parents" having children then if abortion is illegal. While this does not affect the crime rate today, it does eliminate that child who will car jack you 22 years down the road. Abortions today lower crime rates 15-25 years in the future as the children who would be growing up in the broken home with their life trajectory looking at being a crack selling foot soldier, are not being born. I don't think any woman should ever be told that she does not have the choice to do what she wants with her body. It's her child, it should be her decision, and propositions like the one in California making woman under 18 get parents consent for an abortion are dangerous as if that prop were to pass then many more teenagers would be having kids and those kids would be the one's who are going to key my Maserati 15 years down the road.


  1. Your Maserati? Lol. Sounds like a legit concern.

  2. to measure human life and worth by material worth is dehumanizing. If we look at the entire population of trees in a rain forest, not all trees have sprouted in most perfect plant life supporting condition.
    I am not trying to exact a comparison between trees and human beings, although i am trying to draw a parallel. Needless to say that we are all human, having been born in various conditions both emotionally and materially, Ayn Rand would argue that if I were to be a paraplegic handicap, the state should not waste a single penny on me to improve my condition, because I would not benefit the system, rather I hinder it. It would be better to take the resource that would have been spent on me, the paraplegic, and spend it on the Gifted and Talented Students who would one day grow to be inventors and discoverers and would be asset to the society as well as future mankind.
    Having said that, one could immediately negate a whole race of 'imperfect' humans and build a superman race who would live perfectly in a carefree utopia, etc., etc., etc.
    I dare to be the bearer of bad news here, your argument for abortion is rather weak. Whether I agree with you on women's right to abortion or not, I beg to differ on the basis of your argument.
    Selective race based on perfect economic condition and best parental love and totally wanting a child do not give the right to individual to open the flood gates of abortion to the underprivileged teenage who is pregnant and gets the cart-blanche to get rid of the unwanted child.
    The basis for your argument is quite selfish and insulting to those who cannot afford a child financially like the Trump family, yet desire to have a family. What you are saying here is plainly translates to this statement:
    "if you can't pay for raising a child emotionally and financially, then you go ahead and abort it." Oh, how very convenient!
    I recommend you take a few classes in biology and ethics, then go volunteer in a third world country for example in s.east asia or africa as a selfless volunteer. Spend a few years in the field and get a taste of humanity. Look at life through every aspect of its reality. And remember, diversity doesn't mean affluence by itself.